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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: John Marshall-John Fassel

I have thought long and hard about who this week's game ball should go to and the more that I thought about it, the more the two John's stood out.

I know that Michael Huff made the game deciding strip, thus earning AFC Defensive Player of the week honors, Hiram Eugene and Tyvon Branch BOTH scored touchdowns, Jason Campbell drove the Raiders into the end zone on their final two meaningful possessions and Michael Bush ran for over one hundred yards with a TD, BUT, Fassel and Marshall were the ones setting up the plays and sending in the packages that succeded.

John Marshall dialed up 15 blitzes in a row in an attempt to stop Philip Rivers and the Chargers. This was an absolute change of heart for an organization that, because of Al Davis' beliefs, hates to blitz. Marshall also freed up Wimbley and Scott to make plays by letting them play the "Elephant" position.

John Fassel, knowing that the Chargers were on their third long snapper of the year set the plays to come right up the middle and the Raiders were able to block two punts early in the game that led to 9 points in the first 5 minutes. The return team also looked vastly improved, Nick Miller had a 45 yard punt return, and the coverage team held the Chargers in check.

So, for two of the most maligned coaches on the Oakland staff, I say, this week, this ball's for YOU!!!

Go Raiders!!!