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The Forecast Fold

Friends and fellow subjects, once again I have returned with the good words that tell us what has not yet happened. Raiderdamus's cave was hopping this week. The Sibyls were dancing to The Great One's incredible Turntable Mixes and the Ethylene gases were flowing freely.

Curious, I asked what the festive good mood was for.

"The Oracle has seen good fortune for the team clad in silver and black," a Sibyl stopped stripping off her gown long enough to tell me.

"Wow, you almost get as excited as I do when the Raiders win."

"Of course we do," she answered while dancing on her hands, "The original Sibyl, The Oracle of Delphi, was ignored and pitied as the BSer of Athens until Al Davis got Apollo to listen to her predictions."

At this moment, they all stopped, raised their hands and chanted "praise Al!" as they twisted and jumped.

Weird scenes inside the Chile Mine, my friends. Anyway, without further ado...RAIDERDAMUS

Oh and check out the devoted apprentices, lil' Dam Bros Co (trademark pending) below.

After much deliberation, I have foreseen the results of the Raiders-Niners game on Sunday. It will be a hard-fought game, lots of physical play on both sides and several personal fouls. The teams, like their fanbases, do not like each other. This will be a war.

First of all, I would like to address all the fake prognosticators in Vegas. The Raiders are seven point dogs, really? Have they seen any Niner games this year? This team couldn't find its own ass with two hands, a flashlight, and a copy of Gray's Anatomy.

Anyway, on to the specifics. The Niners offense has plenty of weapons, but no consistency. Alex Smith is talented but prone to bonehead moves. He is, however, very mobile and that will pose issues unless Rolando McClain can spy him sucessfully. His offensive line is really banged up and I predict at least three sacks. Carr may see time in this game. Smith passes for 230 yards, one TD, two picks.

Frank Gore is a beast and will decimate us. However, I doubt the Niners' ability to get him the ball enough times to be truly effective, especially if the Raiders score early. 130 yards, 1 TD.

Whoever starts for us at QB should have a pretty good day. As the Eagles showed, with good balance you can move the ball on the Niners. Patrick Willis is the best LB in football and will get to the QB at least once, but we don't have to worry much about their D-Line aside from Justin Smith. I predict we allow two sacks, but Unknown QB racks up 270 yards and two TDs with one pick.

Michael Bush and/or McFadden if healthy enough to go should have a pretty good game. I say 160 yds rushing, 1 TD. Gallery may be back for this game. Let's hope so. The Raiders should blitz all day long because if Smith is pressured, he can make big mistakes.

It's hard for me to predict a Raider win in any given week (last week was nerve-wracking for me), especially one in which they're facing a team that's really hungry for a win like the Niners are, but the Niners just suck so bad. Anyway, Raiders win, 31-17.


Raiders on the backside of an emotional week. Niners with the backs to the wall.
My pick (based on that I think Campbell starts)...
Raiders win 24-21

Sons prediction is posted below. Post your visions in the thread, put the scores in bold and if you get closest to the score, you may get a glimpse of the cave.