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Oakland Raiders Post Game Recap: I'm Actually NOT That Upset

The quick hatred for all things Red and Gold, after watching the Oakland Raiderettes led by Jessica Campbell, quickly died into numbness after watching a game that I've seen all too often over the past eight seasons.

The Raiders were out-coached by a coach who threw a challenge flag on a judgement call and who's team lined up with twelve players one time and nine another.

The Raiders failed to get touchdown on any of their scoring chances, settling for 3 Field Goals against an 0-5 team who's home crowd was mercilessly booing their quarterback into oblivion.

Alex Smith, after being battered and bruised by the Raiders and his home fans all day, led a fruitful comeback with an attack aimed directly at our safeties who were once again destroyed in pass coverage when it mattered.

Michael Crabtree caught a touchdown, while Daruis Heyward-Bey dropped a first down reception on the final drive that ended on the following play when a rookie, Jacoby Ford, let a pass bounce off of his chest and into Takeo Spikes' awaiting bread basket.

Frank Gore ran what looked like the same play that Arian Foster turned into 74 yards and paydirt a couple of weeks ago for 64 yards on the deciding drive.

You see, it all looks the same.

Different team, same results.

The thing that does upset me a bit more this year is that our defense can be great. Unfortunately, their talents and effort are too often muted by a lackluster offense.

Jason Campbell went 3 and out 5 times in a row. After throwing his first pick he was absolutely a different quarterback, yet, there was no sign of Boller.

I would usually start ranting right now, but, I've seen it and said it ALL before. For 8 seasons I have been Blogging and writing the same story.

I am waiting for the first three game winning streak, or even a two game in Conference winning streak, before I start to get truly excited.

Until then, I will be excited about the possibilities and take the lumps with the rest of you.

Cheers on a tough loss,