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Post Game Poll: Raiders vs 49ers

SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 17:  Vernon Davis #85 of the San Francisco 49ers scores a touchdown on Tyvon Branch #33 and Hiram Eugene #31 of the Oakland Raider. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
SAN FRANCISCO - OCTOBER 17: Vernon Davis #85 of the San Francisco 49ers scores a touchdown on Tyvon Branch #33 and Hiram Eugene #31 of the Oakland Raider. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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Another chance to build from the momentum of a previous weeks victory and go back-to-back, results with the all-to familiar letdown loss of an entirely winnable game.

The majority of you with 60% of the vote polled here last week after the Chargers game believed that the Raiders had turned the corner and would play as if they did going forward. Now following the 49ers game, familiar ares of concern have risen their ugly head once again.

QB: Wow, this situation is just vexatious. The offensive line, while far from perfect, certainly did a sufficient enough job in protection to allow Campbell to get the ball off and make good decisions. Campbell was beyond terrible, (8-21 38.1% 83 yards 0TD 2 Int), but what was so troubling yesterday with Campbell was this supposedly smart-thinking field general, was so damn incompetent in his decision making. What it appears that we have in Campbell now, is a QB that was sacked into submission with the Redskins, then upon arriving to the Raiders gets whacked in August by Travis LaBoy, then gets pummeled in Tennessee. If there is a quarterback inside of Jason Campbell, it buried deep inside of him beneath the debris of shell-shock. Poor mechanics, slow-footed, inaccurate, no touch and horrible decision making=Jason Campbell.

You all witnessed how the Raiders had Alex Smith on the ropes until Singletary "coached" him up to perform. I saw Hue Jackson try in vain to coach Campbell into competence, only to be met with a blank stare from a man that has lost all confidence in his abilities to quarterback this team. I'm not thrilled about Boller, but if Grad is not ready to go, it has to be him instead of clipboard Campbell.

WR: Certainly some of the problems with the QB can be attributed to the inconsistent and ineffective play at wide receiver. Without a veteran WR and without Chaz, the Raiders are left with a trio of inexperienced WR's trying to learn the ropes of the game at this level. Without a trade for a veteran WR, it seems that we will just have to endure the season long growing pains of this unit until they mature.

Safety coverage: The same talent that was able to provide acceptable coverage last year is here now and seems to be completely disconnected from the rest of what the defense is doing. Poor angles, missed assignments, blown coverage and consistent confusion are what make up our group of safeties this season so far. The rest of the defense seems to have turned the corner and is becoming legit, but the play at safety is the defense's Achilles heel and the Raiders' offense will have to score an awful lot of points to compensate for M.I.A. safeties.

Coaching/play calling: "Coach" Cable stated before the game that he was confident with his game plan. WHAT was the game plan?! Did Cable do anything on the sideline yesterday to "coach" the team, other than try to be animated like John Madden and give the appearance he is doing something? Marshall clearly coaches the defense and Hue clearly the offense, Cable does nothing. As for Hue, probably because he has himself lost all confidence in Campbell, called some of the most unimaginative plays possible yesterday at some of the most important times of the game. Hey, how about a screen pass or two? For a team that adjusted so well the previous week against the Chargers, did nothing whatsoever to adjust yesterday and were completely out-coached.

What are you post game thoughts Nation? What are your concerns now following the game and how do they get fixed?