38 Damn. I wish I wouldn't have watched this. Just when I was ready to wish Jason Campbell got hit by a septic truck...I want to root for him. Listen. Anybody else who refers to AL DAVIS as "Mr. Davis" besides me is alright in my book. He's right. It's a long season. But for the love of Bo Jackson, Jason, you gotta show us fans some FIRE. That's why a mediocre talent such as Gradkowski is already a legend to us. Shake off this 9er game and whatever little bump you caught off. I know I called you a bum in a previous post. But you're not bad for a backup. And you're a nice guy. But you better get us some #### W's or I'll lead a mass prayer for that run away septic truck. Thanks alot for the timely heart warming fluffy episode, Jeanette Thompson. He's still a bum.