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Oakland Raider Sports Bars and Events Thread:

Oakland Raider Sports Bars and Events are a big part of the Nation in Raider Nation. These are places that we can meet up and watch our team, meet present and former players, golf and commiserate.I have listed a few below and I am asking you to add to this thread so that fans from all over will know where to go to be around other Raider fans.

Golden Gate Fields: Horse Racing Track: Dollar NFL Sundays: Chris Townsend's NFL Show

I think that one of the best Oakland Raider events will be the Chris Townsend Show from Golden Gate Fields.

Dollar Dogs, $ Beers, Raider Fans, and many viewing options including two sports clubs. In fact, the Grill Iron Gang has had some talk of tailgating in the lot before away games. Then there is always the spectacle of watching Russell Baze go for another victory.

Ricky's Sports Theater: San Leandro, CA: Sports Bar: San Leandro, CA: Autograph Signing & Meet & Greet

Michael Bush and Bruuuuuuuce Gradkowski will sign for the first 100 people to purchase. November 5th.

Ricky's has become the home of Spirals and SOB on away game days. You will be surrounded by 100% Raider Nation Vibes at Ricky's and I am going to try and get to Ricky's early to get a couple of footballs signed by Bush and Gradkowski. It will also be a good time to ask them questions about their current status.

Tailgate Warriors: Food Network: Television Program: Oakland Raiders vs San Francisco 49ers Cook-Off

On October 27th, at 10PM PST, the Food Network will be airing that new Guy Fieri project, Tailgate Warriors that was shot during the Raider-Niner pre-season game.

Silver and Black Pride was fortunate enough to be invited onto the show to cook Captain Dave's, Tommy V Spicy Crab. Our tailgate will be a featured story that is a sideline to the main attraction which pits our buddies from the Bad Boys of BBQ against a team of chefs from the other side of the Bay.

Those are three Raider Events that I'm looking forward to over the next couple of weeks. How about you?