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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: There is NO Game Ball This Week

Every week we are supposed to award a team ball to a Raider Player and I have tried three different times to name one for this week and I have stopped each time with the same resolution. When you lose to the team with the worst record in football and you look like as ill prepared as the Oakland Raiders did last Sunday then, nobody deserves a game ball.

Sure, I could have picked Sebastian Janikowski, who kicked three field goals, none of which even looked close to missing, or Trevor Scott who looks to be thriving in the Elephant role or Matt Shaughnessy who had a good game on the right edge, but the ball wouldn't mean anything to anyone of them. There can be no personal sense of achievement when the team fails as miserably as they did against San Francisco.

Along with the rest of Raider Nation, I do hope to award a game ball after this week's game against Denver. Maybe it will be awarded to Kyle Boller? Hopefully it will go to a healthy-enough Darren McFadden or an inspired Tyvon Branch or Michael Huff.

Let's Go Raiders!!! Crush the Donkeys!!!