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Is Al Davis still a visionary? Does he still have guts?

I've just been taken by an exchange today on this blog; something written by a fellow citizen of the Raider Nation, rightnasty. Who wrote the following ...
I think

that if Amy Trask is allowed to run things, smart, professional woman that she is, she will hire people who actually do know about personnel. Somebody who doesn’t draft a WR strictly on the basis of speed, regardless of whether the guy can catch or not, and somebody who won’t draft a QB with a cannon for an arm, but no brain ... . Amy would bring in a good GM, and ... maybe even a top notch coach for a change instead of somebody who can just get along with Al, do things Al’s way with no discussion. ...

by rightnasty on Oct 22, 2010 8:33 PM PDT up reply actions

That first paragraph reads like a manifesto - love it, rightnasty. Maybe Al, the consummate

Maverick, will bequeath his reign to a woman and make her his omnipotent GM. Trask is smart and, though merely a woman, has more strength by far (and brain-power) than the assemblage of lackeys that have comprised his coaching staffs since Gruden.


by Sons-of-Blanda on Oct 22, 2010 10:00 PM PDT up reply actions

From such a fresh insight, a strong will could be moved and with that the realization of a positive change for the Raiders.