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RaiderDamus May Have Been Wrong, But RaiderRob Was Oh So Right

RaiderDamus is in a bit of a slide. I fear for his current state and safety. He has lost two in a row and his search for monetary gains has apparently led to him falling out of favor with the Gods. I remain devout. I believe he will be back. He will also have some serious help. In what has to be the prediction of the year raiderrob67 gave us this:

With Boller in at QB...

Jackson opens up the playbook(Al's wrath be damned)DMC will play and The Raiders will drop a 50 on the donkey's

50-17 Raiders.

Who would've thought that this prediction would end up selling the Raiders performance short? Still, a quality prognostication. Notice the presentation. Capatlization of The Raiders and not on the little donkey's. Jackson also did some different things with Boller in at QB and DMC was key. 

Raiderrob, I'd be honored if you emailed me your prediction for the chickens of the sea.