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Raiders-Broncos: Life Is Good

This cheerleader is so distraught with her team's debacle that she has reverted to her abducting phase.
This cheerleader is so distraught with her team's debacle that she has reverted to her abducting phase.

It is not too big of stretch to say that the season was on the line for both these teams. A win and you are set up for a run in the second half of the season and a loss drives a nail in the coffin.

Well, the nail is in the coffin now. Just look at these rushing numbers. 316 yards on 54 carries--54 carries! Think about are going to be happy with half of that. You're still looking at 158 yards on 27 carries.

This ripped out their hearts early and it looked like they quit.

End flashback music

That is what the NY Jets put up against the Raiders in Week Seven of last year. Eerily similar to the Raiders 328 on 52 carries the Raiders posted in this years Week Seven contest.

It's nice to be on the other side.

That was like playing with house money all game. The only stress was is in trying to reach higher levels of success. That game was never in doubt. Once again the Raiders have flexed their field advantage muscle.

Since 2008, the Raiders have beaten a divisional opponent in Oakland exactly one time. In that same time span they have beaten the Broncos 3 times in Denver. It is the Raiders greatest home field advantage and they have never done it quite so decisively

It was the first time they have beaten anyone by more than 11 points since they won in Denver 31-10 in Week 12 of the 2008 season.

As the Raiders are learning though, that win means nothing if the Raiders lose the next one.

Last year after the Jets beat the Raiders, the Jets built on that victory all the way to the AFC Championship last year.

You know what? Who cares! There is enough time to contemplate things that have not yet happened. That was Maglorious. Time to give out our different Balls Awards.


The Game Plan:

On offense and defense, it seemed like the Raiders plan arrangers were a play ahead of the Broncos Piece Movers. Defensively it reminded me of the blitz heavy attack they brought against the Eagles last year. Offensively, it reminded me of nothing I have ever seen. Marcel Reece up the middle early, the Read Option, the well-timed screens and some deep passes. A successful screen. Of course this was made possible by the...

Offensive Line:

Rushing the ball, the Raiders lineman were having their way. Gallery looked as good as ever and this in turn made Veldheer look better at Tackle other than the times he was moving early of course.

When the Raiders did pass, Campbell had all day. The Broncos seemed content to sit back and dare the Raiders to beat them through the air. This is the kind of day that make people say, "Jason Campbell is a better QB for this team if he has time." Of course he is everyone else. The play calling and the O-line play set it all up.

Darren McFaden:

Please stay healthy...please stay healthy. I want the Dike McBush combo for the rest of the season.


The Secondary: The CBs:

Remember when Parrish Cox and SydQuan Thompson's names were being bounced around here at draft time? Instead the Raiders ended up with Walter McFadden and Jeremy Ware. Well, consider round one for Ware and McFadden and they weren't even active.

The Raiders showed why it is nice when your fifth and seventh round draft choices don't have to play.

The Raiders Nickel Package was insanely good. It was pretty clear the Broncos had targeted Chris Johnson and he finally looks to be regaining his playing legs.

Michael Huff:

Huff played a much more well rounded game this week then he did in his award winning game against the Chargers. Although his tackle numbers weren't there, his strip this game was even more impressive than the one on Rivers. He also wasn't getting abused on long plays...which always helps.

Mike Mitchell:

He really spent more time at LB this game and he is starting to look pretty good as the Nickel LB. He has really helped fill that middle gap that would kill the Raiders on 3rd down after 3rd down.


Jason Campbell:

Life was good for Jason Campbell on Sunday. Both the Raiders and the Broncos made it easy on him. I don't want to take too much away from him though. He did make the plays. The knee also seemed to be no problem. I wonder if they overplayed his injury through the week.

It actually worked to their advantage. The last thing the Broncos were worried about was Campbell running the ball and on 3rd and 10 in the first drive of the game Campbell scrambled for the first down. I am also guessing the Broncos didn't spend much time preparing for Campbell to run the Read Option.

Where Are My:


The only question withe comment that DHB left the game due to illness is: Was he ever there at all?

Check Out My:

Nick Miller:

It's Miller Time, finally. I like Jacoby Ford, but right now I think I'd like Miller to get his snaps.