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Captain Of The Tailgate: Oakland Raiders Edition

When it comes to tailgating, it is difficult to beat the Silver and Black. The Coliseum parking lot is always a sight to behold on game days. The cloud of smoke is large enough to resemble a low hanging fog and the food that is being made under that smoke always blows me away.

What do you want? Tri-Tip? Carne Asada? Chicken? A whole pig? How about crab? That's right...fresh Dungeness Crab!!!

If you had a chance to see Tailgate Warriors (Pay special attention to the 3 minute mark) this week, you may have noticed that there was a group of guys in the parking lot preparing Tommy V's spicy crab. If you looked even closer, you'd see that they were wearing SB Nation aprons and one of them, Guy Fieri, called "The Saint".

Yep, that was me. My favorite tailgate that we do every year is the crab boil. We always do one when crab season kicks off and this season, on the 28th of November, it will be "Off Da Hook".

If you want the recipe, respond to this thread and I'll see if Woody will part with his secrets!!!

You are all welcome to join us this weekend at the Grill Iron Gang's tailgate.

Cheers, Saint!!!