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To Oakland's DC: Unleash the the Black Death Marshall!!!

"Pedal to the metal" is what’s needed Sunday; the "bend over don’t break it off" defensive strategy is a losing one.  Oakland is successful when attacking the backfield boldly. With phenomenal speed at LB, Safety and CB (all in all the fastest there is) Oakland is poised to shock the NFL.

Consider:  Warden Wimbley is a natural born sack-machine (a 1st round draft pick). San Quentin is a sack-specialist (tied for Auburn’s sack record), Groves is a 2nd round draft pick that Jacksonville traded up to acquire.  Trevor Scott is also a QB slayer. Huff has multiple strips in the backfield and LOS.  Branch and Mitchell are hardwired to flatten QBs,  Mitchell seems like a heat-seeking missile on his missions behind enemy lines.  All in all, the Raiders have assembled the best stunting and blitzing LBs & DBs on the planet.

Field Marshall John has all this at his disposal and must realize this and unleash them without any reservations. Consider how the "safer" and "more conservative" approach failed this season; but when Marshall unleashed the hounds of hell,  Bradford did nothing in the 2nd Half, Rivers was completely ineffective in the 4th Qtr,and Orton was helpless throughout the entire game. We have a high-octane D that runs best at full throttle.

When we boldly play our personnel according to their special talent we see Raider domination (just like Denver).  Throw in the Raider’s right flank DLinemen: Veteran Seymour & 2nd year phenom Matt Shaunghessy  (two heroic sumbitches) and there's no way Hassellbeck will have time to read, check down, or set up.

Pressure, more pressure and still more pressure ... a never-easing vice of  hot black iron.

Unleash the the Black Death Marshall!!! ... and let heaven have mercy on QBs between us and victory.