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Raiders Post Game Poll

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249 rushing yards and a 6.9 yard average carry. And the beat goes on...

For the last seven years its been the same results for the run defense, regardless of who the defensive coordinator is, the position coaches are, the talent on the field or the so-called "scheme". Yes, this year there has so far been some small doses of incremental improvements, but it has not been sustained nearly to the point to say the problem is being fixed. But even if the scheme is a part of the blame, the scheme still has to be executed by the players and that is clearly not happening.

Last year's linebacking group was the scapegoat for the run defense deficiencies for which they were exterminated and a new fresh group was brought in to fill the "gap". But that's the problem, as this groups main consistency seems to be MISSING the right gap and filling the wrong gap. This group of LB's seem to be constantly out of position, missing assignments, letting themselves get walled-off, and missing tackles.

It isn't all the linebackers fault, but they are a major part of the problem with the run defense.Cable just thinks that we are close and all can be fixed after we look at the film. Taking this undisciplined and soft approach is surely doomed.

So, is the perennial run D problem due to coaching failure to "coach"? Is it the talent that we have? Does the defensive coordinator have a clue as to what to do to actually fix this? If he has a clue, is he permitted to deploy it without coach Davis' full approval. Or are we dealing with a combination of all the above and the problem will not be fixed until there is an organization overhaul from the the top to the bottom.

What do you think Nation? What is your solution to the run defense's failure?