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Raiderdamus Has A Way Better Record Than The Raiders

The Great One was not perfect on this one. We can all take a little solace in the fact that the Raiders outperformed his vision of a 41-27 defeat. Senor Damus is leaving little doubt, however, that he is a true shaman.

Let us all welcome a new Lil Dam this week as signcut (email me) was only four points off with a 31-20 prediction. Here's to hoping I'll be picking from the pool of Raider victory predictions next week. I don't know about you guys, but 2-3 with a victory against the Chargers and I'll forgive this team for any shortcomings we have seen so far.

Typically, I would have posted some thoughts about what I saw upon further review of the game, but the folks over at NFL Rewind have managed to post every game except the Raiders. I have sent a couple of e-mails and the response to the first one revealed a corporation a little less concerned about the inconvenience I experienced than I had hoped. Hence the second e-mail. Let's just say, you'll all be able to tell if they have raised their concern in the next response by how I refer to them from this point forward.

For what it's worth, the breakdowns in the run D and the O-line left me in a catatonic stupor. It seemed like Ro, LaMarr, Groves, Branch and Huff all took steps back. And the hamstring thing, what the hell? Still, with all the injuries they faced I saw enough signs to not leave me changing my mind that this is an improving team. 

Personally, I am giving Murphy and DHB a pass for their dismal performance, because of their injuries. I'll be expecting a bounce back next week. Given their performance though, I am upset the coaches didn't limit their roles and give Higgins, Miller and Ford bigger roles.

Whatever, maybe the (adjective pending) folks at NFL Rewind are doing me a favor. On to the Chargers! Snap the streak Raiders and you and me, we're cool.