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Rolando McClain: Week 4's Loss Sits Squarely On The Oakland Raider Rookie's Shoulders

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Raider Nation, we all knew that there would be growing pains for Rolando and NONE of us thought that he would be perfect. Well, this past Sunday he was exposed and then tossed on the spit to burn.

The Houston Texans must have seen that he has a tendency to over-pursue and bite on misdirection, because he was all over the place and was personally responsible for 2 TDs and a host of other big plays.

We all know that Rolando watches a ton of film and that his work ethic is what has gotten him this far, so, I expect him to study the film extensively this week because in this copycat league, you can expect to see the Chargers do the exact same thing.

McClain was nowhere near Arian Foster when Foster scored the deciding touchdown and he bit hard on the first TD of the game. In fact, on Houston's initial scoring drive, McClain was responsible for most of the yardage.

The running defense was atrocious on Sunday, as evidenced by the team playing a two deep zone when the Texans were lined up in a power I with NOBODY split left or right on Arian Foster's 74 yard scamper into the end zone to start the 2nd Half and Rolando needs to own up to it. he is the middle linebacker and he needs to stay home, fight off blocks and not give up the cutback. Period.

We, on S&BP, support Rolando and this entire team AND I will also hold you accountable when you blow it. McClain, you need to own this one. Study your film, get back to work, and don't ever let that happen again.