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Run D Summed Up In One Play: Arian Foster's 74 Yard TD Run

I have watched this run about 25 times today: LINK HERE

The defense lined up in a two deep zone with Kameron Wimbley playing outside of Houston on the Left Side.

Houston was lined up in a Power I formation. That, in my opinion is where this all started.

From there, the line sealed off our entire front four to the left and Wimbley to the right.

Branch and Huff were left alone to battle the FB and a lineman blew Quentin Groves up 10 yards downfield. The FB took Branch out and Huff completely blew his angle and was left trying to grab Foster around the chest. That in itself, by Huff, was terrible.

First mistake: Not calling time when they were in an obvious nickle/pass rush set and the offense was in a power I

Second Mistake: Not crowding the line

Third mistake: Groves getting rag dolled

Fourth Mistake: Huff taking a bad angle

Any one of these four could or would have prevented the TD.