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Talkin' With Tyvon 2010: #06


Greetings Silver and Black Pride community. Once again I pleased to bring to all of you our player/fans interaction and interview with Tyvon Branch with #06 in the weekly installment of the series: Talkin' With Tyvon 2010

This week's interview with Tyvon comes after the Raiders 7 point loss at home to the Texans. The Raiders offense managed to score 24, but the defense gave up more and Tyvon and the defense are still trying to figure it all out. addition to following Tyvon here on a weekly basis, you can also keep up with Tyvon and his thoughts by following him on his twitter page @tyvonbranch.

Tyvon will be back here to respond to questions not comments, so you are invited to pose your questions to Tyvon in the comments section.

Full interview after the jump.

Hey Raider fans! We have a big one coming up this weekend. Let’s get after those Chargers!! I am expecting big things from us on the field and you in the stands!


TRW: The game against the Texans, the Raiders offense managed to score 24 points and coach Cable has maintained that if the Raiders score 24, they will win and against many other offenses that would probably be the case. Nevertheless, the Raiders now find themselves with a 1-3 record again to start the season again. How do you see the Raiders pulling themselves out of this hole, regrouping and making this team different than the previous seasons?

TB: It is still early. Obviously, at this point we would like to have a better record, but it is too early to panic. We have division games left, and win this week against the Charger’s will really help our momentum.

TRW: The Houston offense is quite dynamic and the Raiders offense really kept up with them. The defense seemed to be a step behind at times and there were several missed assignments. Some of your teammates, such as Nnamdi stated that the coaches prepared you guys very well for what would be coming. What basically went wrong with regards to the execution of the coaches’ plan for the Texans?

TB: I really wish I had a specific answer for that. On film, we just missed some assignments and got beat – simple things that just can’t happen if we expect to win.

TRW: Penalties were a big problem in Arizona, but against the Texans, there were only two penalties against the Raiders. This is a very good thing, however, I am wondering if it is possible the defense was being too careful about penalties and was less aggressive then maybe needing to be?

TB: I think we still played aggressive, but I also think the penalties are in the back of your mind.

TRW: Finally, a divisional opponent is on the Raiders schedule and that opponent is hated rival San Diego coming to Oakland this Sunday. This will be a big chance to get right back into the race and get that monkey off the back of the Raiders by defeating the Chargers.

TB: The Chargers have some good, big receivers and we have to play them head up. Plus, they have a tight end that plays similar to a receiver.

Thanks Tyvon and good luck Sunday against the Chargers.