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Couple things from my Dark Mind

I got a lot to say so listen.

This time there will be no long intro, so that's a plus in your favor reader. I'm going to get straight to bussiness on this one.

Raiders need to figure out whose playing

I'm not talking about McFadden or Groves, but Robert Gallery might get involved here really soon. Last season the Raiders kept Nick Miller on the roster for 15 weeks before placing him on IR. At that point what is the point. Is Travis Goethel really worth a roster spot? How long is this wait going to be. If he can't go, put him on's not complicated. He's a rookie, he could certainly use a year to just learn.

Chaz Schilens missed the first eight weeks of the season last year. He had a minor arthroscopic surgery this year, supposed to be out 3-4 weeks. It's been six and a half weeks now and he still isn't practicing. Why was he not at least placed on the PUP list?

The Raiders are wasting roster spots and it's not new, they did it for Nick Miller for almost an entire season last year. There's no miracles in healing---so figure out what you've got and use it, otherwise throw it on the IR list. Schilens could probably use a year to recover anyways and I want to see what this Nick Miller kid has as a wide receiver, not just on special teams. Put him in coach, he's ready to play!

Win Streak

Both Raiders' tackle, Langston Walker, and Chargers Linebacker, Kevin Burnett, said this 13 game win streak by the Chargers means nothing...BS!

It means everything...everyting?...Ya EV-ER-Y-Thang!

If I ever get beat 13 straight times by somebody, I really don't care at that point, I'll cheat if that's what it takes to win. Ever lost 13 straight games to anybody at anything? This streak means everything this week, I don't care if it's a new season, new decade, new century, new freakin' teams.

This game is the season for the Raiders. They need to play every down, every snap, every freaking seat they take on the bench seriously. They need to play like they will never put on a uniform ever again, they need to play that way for four full quarters, and they need to end this streak...the atrocity. They need to get their heads back on straight, and come away with the W or else it will be a very looooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng season.


See, now there is a reason nobody hires you; Cursing at everybody and whatnot. But how do the Chargers have a 14-2 season and then fire their head coach...I'm sorry Marty, it was foul what they did to you and if anybody in the world should be wearing Raiders' gear on Sunday it is you.

Say what you want about when you were a coach forever and a day ago, but don't you be attacking these Raiders. They have got fight in them. They led three potential game winning drives against Arizona in week 3 at Arizona only to have the kicker miss kicks. They had an opportunity to tie the game against Houston late in the game and really, who knows what happens if Louis Murphy is 100 percent and makes that 4th down catch. We might be talking about a come from behind win instead of a 1-3 record.

So sit on your sack Marty and tell it to STFU. Acting as if Raiders fans and players liked you before or something...just shut up, seriously. This teams' problem is not that they quit, it's that they keep beating themselves. That is a problem that they won't have come December.


Ya, you know who you are and you need to go and cry to Marty because nobody wants to hear that crap. This team needs encouragement, not sarcasm and dribble-drool-snot from their own fans. They are young, very young. There are going to be a ton of mistake until A) they build some chemistry, and B) They gain some NFL experience.

Why can't you just be satisfied with the progress the team has made instead of ridiculing them for the mistakes they have yet to correct. Blah, blah, blah Kansas City...I said shut up!

I read a commnet the other day (maybe even today) that said something of this effect, "The question is whether it will be the run defense from last week, or the run defense that they can be, bottling up RB’s and not giving up the big play. Which one shows up will be a key factor in the game."

I'm not going to ridicule the comment, or call the guy who made it a crybaby, because I agree with it--- It's true. The trouble is, when was the last time you were able to question that? When was the last time it was actually plausible for a Raiders defense to "bottle up the runner"?



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