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The Totter Has Teetered

Notice the coach in the shades with his jaw hanging open. That was my reaction too.
Notice the coach in the shades with his jaw hanging open. That was my reaction too.

Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize a 500 record in one moment
Would you capture it? Or just let it slip?

Okay, so I didn't write that, but it is relevant. Do you remember when Eminem ruled the airwaves with that song? How about when Tim Allen let loose his cinematic genius again in Santa Clause 2? Or when Friends were there for us...every Thursday night?

Well, these were all the number one entities in their respective fields on November 3, 2002. This happens to be the last time the Raiders were 4-4 or better after 8 games. That season was also the last time the Raiders held an opponent to 3 or fewer points.

Coincidently, it was the last time the Giants were in the World Series, only to lose after blowing a 3 games to 2 lead.

Probably not as familiar is the time when Debby Boone was lighting up our lives, Pete had a cartoon dragon and the Fonz was the king of all shows on the 5 available channels. Well, these were the number ones the last time the Raiders beat the Seahawks by 30 or more.

We could go on with these but, wait....we can't. The Raiders have been too dominant. They have never produced 500+ yards of offense consecutive weeks in a row and I am only assuming, but I feel confident in this assumption, that the Raiders have never had back-to-back wins by a combined 75 points.

Of course, there is the back-to-back win number, but I think everyone at this point knows that it hadn't happened since the last two weeks of the '08 season.

Today was really enjoyable for me. It was great enough that the Raiders kicked ass, but it was even better that my smug Seahawk friends were put back in their place. These friends were getting delusions of team grandeur and those delusions were pirated by OUR OAKLAND RAIDERS!

As enjoyable of game as this was today, the Raiders were far from perfect. I am happy, but I am not going to get carried away with my hopes for the season yet. The Seahawks are bad and they played even below their talent level today.

Still, one thing is for certain, the Raiders are good enough to embarrass bad teams, instead of being the team that can be embarrassed by bad teams and this is a complete change from this time last year. Enough about speculation of what tomorrow holds. We can leave thinking of the future for the future. Right now, we have a victory to bask in.

  • And people thought our offensive line was bad! The Seahawks offensive line was a joke and the Raiders over powered them. Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymour set the tone on the Seahawks first offensive series, when each collected a sack. Think about that. Two sacks on the first three plays by DTs. They weren't coverage sacks either. They were holy crap, I can't believe they are already in the backfield sacks.
  • The pressure continued. The Raiders had 8 sacks and only one didn't come from the defensive line. They did blitz, but really didn't have to all that often.
  • They were just as dominant in the run game. A lot of people were telling other people that this was a good week to start Marshawn Lynch in their fantasy leagues. Lynch had 7 yards on 9 carries and one of his carries was for 7 yards! That's 0 yards on his other 8 carries.
  • The Defensive line domination continually put the Seahawks in 3rd and longs. The Seahawks didn't get a first down until there was only 2:29 seconds left in the first half and they didn't get their first 3rd down conversion until there was 12:10 left to go in the game.
  • The Raiders ended up holding the Hawks to a 1/16 performance on 3rd downs.
  • The Raiders were only 5/17 on third downs, but this was enough to take control of time of possession, which eventually led to them wearing the Hawks D down.
  • As lopsided as the score ended up being, this game was not put away until late. It remained a two score game until the 4th quarter. There were quite a few key plays.
  • Key Sequence:
  • The first key series of events started with the Raiders first possession of the second quarter.
  • The Raiders converted a 3rd and 6 when Campbell hit Ford on a slant and Ford made a nice leaping grab at the expense of his knee.
  • They quickly found themselves facing a 3rd and 9. The Seahawks had 7 DBs in the game. Campbell was in the shotgun. He audibled and moved under center and handed off to Michael Bush who ran for 8 yards while he had DBs bouncing off of him like balloons. Campbell doesn't audible often, but this showed great awareness. This set up:
  • 4th and 1. I figured the Raiders were just going to kick it. I was having flashbacks of the 9ers game at this point. They didn't and somehow the slant got through and Reece scored. What a gutsy call. Campbell hitched before he threw and the delay almost killed the team...almost.
  • The Raiders then forced another 3 and out when LaMarr Houston and Death Ro stuffed Lynch for a loss on 3rd and 1. While in the present the game remained in doubt, in retrospect it was over at this point.
  • For the worriers:
  • I am going to put this in the middle, because I didn't want to start or end with a downer. Nnam! I am not freaking out, but that is only because I am procrastinating. That was not good. I am no doctor, but judging by his reaction, I say a severe high ankle sprain. I am thinking he is out at least a month.
  • The Balls Awards:
  • Game
  • The Lines: Domination! The defense was amazing and the offense wasn't far behind. The Seahawks only ended up with two sacks and the Raiders picked up their blitz better than anyone could've anticipated. Veldheer and Gallery are starting to look special and Carlisle had another very solid game. For the Cooper haters, watch him pull on McFadden's 49-yard run or get out on Reece's 51 yard screen pass.
  • Say Hello To My Huge
  • The Coaches: The play calling was not for the timid. The 4th and 1? The almost complete and underthrown long ball to DHB on third down near the end of the first half? Gutsy calls. They also used the unbalanced line and it worked. Barnes even caught a pass out of this formation.
  • Suck My
  • Al Davis: One of the biggest criticisms of Al has been his recent draft choices. Well, they all had a great week.
  • DHB-looked like a weapon
  • Ro and Houston-both made huge plays
  • McFadden-is amazing. One of the best offensive players in football
  • Mike Mitchell-is getting better and better. The guy is great at covering TEs...whoda thunk it?
  • Robert Gallery-was mauling people and he pissed off Chris Clemons bad enough for him to pick up a key personal foul penalty.
  • JaMarcus Russell-had his best week and is avoiding jail.
  • Grow Some
  • The refs: The 15 yard penalty on Ro for tackling the back of the helmet was laughable. Forsett is like 2 foot 3. The back of the helmet was the only thing to tackle.
  • Look At My
  • Jeremy Ware: He was thrust into action and thrown on an island and he didn't embarrass himself.
  • Stanford Routt: He had a couple of big penalties, but he also had some great coverage. Routt is doing a great job of turning his head around and finding the ball. Just like he did on the one he tipped that ended up bouncing off of Butler to Tyvon Branch.
  • You Don't Always Have To Prove You Have
  • Nick Miller: It's okay to fair catch some punts.
  • Wow! I Just Found This
  • Michael Bush: It's about time some bounces went to the Raiders. Great hustle by Bush. He could've just stayed near the line. I am glad he didn't.