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Captain Morgan's Captain Of The Tailgate: Raiders/Chiefs Edition

Simply put, last week's tailgate was the best example of hard core fandome that I have witnessed.

The wind was howelling and the Grill Iron Gang kept on grilling. The rain was thumping and swarming upon us, yet the gang just kept on Grilling.

I arrived with my wife and a five pound snapper in tow. The Gang had already set up seven or eight mini shelters and Trent and Chewy were slow cooking their ribs and chicken in the midst of a rainstorm.

The usual cast of characters were there with their silver and black emblazoned. Something special was in the air.

Though it was cold and we were constantly pelted by steel rain, the grilling continued.

Slowly, through the hour long traffic to get in, the appetizers appeared. Then the Woop-Woop Juice (Vodka and Juice) arrived along with 8 cases of beer.

In the midst of the storm a Chevy Blazer appeared and Freddy B's wife came out with six cases of wine for the crab that was being boiled by Trent's wife.

The "Gang" made way as Freddy parked the car and came back to hang out and eat our food.

I will never forget the sight of Freddy B standing in the rain with the rain dripping down his hat and reveling with all of us.

That is an Oakland Raider tailgate. Freddy B, ribs, carnitas, fifteen tri-tips, crab being boiled, Sailin' With the Captain and a five pound stuffed and boiled in carnitas oil'd snapper.

Over 100 people braved the storm with me that day and we all got more than just an eating treat, we witnessed a victory paralleled by none in eight years.

If you find your way to Oakland for the Miami game, stop on by, I can't tell you about all of things that will be happening, but, I must tell you that you should probably be there.

Until then, keep on sailing with the Captain and the Grill Iron Gang!!!