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Say Hello To Our First Place Oakland Raiders

Take a moment and look around, inhale deeply, make your eyes grab the vibrancy of colors around you, embrace whoever is close to you and enjoy this moment. For now is a seldom grasped reality for any true Raider fan. Things are breaking the Raiders way.

I don't know what the future holds, but I do know that right now, everything is how it should be in the universe. Thanks to the Broncos complete ass kicking of the Chiefs and just in time for the mainstream media to flash their playoff picture graphics, the Raiders are in first place in the AFC West. And the Raiders accomplished this by doing the same thing you and I were doing--not playing NFL football.

I really didn't see this happening. Why would I? Last time I paid attention to the Donkeys the Raiders were running through their paper mache defense in a way that made paper mache offended to be compared to it. But the Broncos coerced the Chiefs out of the lead in the division for a half a bottle of whiskey (too soon?).

After the game, the Chief of the Chiefs wasn't all too happy about it either. Todd Haley refused to shake Josh McDaniels hand. He instead opted for the "tisk-tisk" finger waggle. That'll teach Josh McDaniels for doing...wait, what did the Broncos do wrong again? Um...nothing that anyone outside of Haley's head can tell and even inside Haley's head, I hear the vote on whether or not any ills were committed was split.

Handshake-gate signified a fairly significant power shift in my head. Previously, I had McDaniels slightly ahead of Haley in the slime-ball/weasel head coach poll, but Haley rocketed past McDaniels with this move. Lucky for Haley, the Chiefs recent showing seemed to suggest that his Chiefs team may give him a crash course in losing...again. It'll be up to him to learn class.

Looking back, I shouldn't have been so surprised in the game's outcome. That's what happens after you play the Raiders. Teams that play the Raiders are 1-8 the next week and those 8 losses are by an average of almost 15 points a game. The message is clear: Teams should just cut their losses and forfeit their games against the Raiders.