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Should Randy Moss Be Claimed By The Oakland Raiders?

I, for one, defended Randy Moss when he was traded out of Oakland to the Patriots. He gave his all in the beginning only to be let down by a terrible team and chaos. He then followed suit and "Aligator Armed" his way out of Oakland.

I will never forget the devistating hit against the Charers that ruined his 2005 season. He went deep, "Vodka" Collins threw the ball late and it hung in the air for far too long, then WHAM! Randy was high lowed and was never the same in a Raider uniform. He still came into the game as a decoy, but he was broken after that hit.

After being traded to the Patriots his career went through a rebirth in a near perfect season for New England, yet, somehow, "Randy being Randy", led to him being dealt away, to the Vikings, this season.

The Viking deal looked like a desperate move at the time. I mean, the Vikings gave up a third round pick for a chance to give Brett Favre a target and hope that he could win another Super Bowl before riding off into the sunset.

With Favre now looking like an old rodeo vet who's been beat up, broken and apears ready to hang it up, there was no room for a personality the size of Randy "Coach Killer" Moss.

So, I ask you Raider Nation? Is Moss worth the baggage that comes along with his immense talent?

Read the rest of this to get my impression:

This answer is easy...HELL NO!!!

Let him burn another team and another coach. This team is finally starting to gel and the last thing that we'd need is a big fat turd sandwich when we are hoping for a cherry on top of the Sunday. It is NOT worth the risk. T.O. was worth the risk because he has grown up SOME, but RANDY will still be RANDY and with that being the case I say PASS!!!