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JaMarcus Russell May Fit In With The Redskins:

Aparently JaMarcus Russell was on the short list of the Washington Redskins as late as June 1st. With his court case dropped and his apparent newfound work ethic, he may be a good fit for the Redskins as the third QB.

I know that we all have hard feelings toward JaMarcus for his lack of work ethic and his complete disregard for The Raider Nation or Tradition, but, I am all for giving a young man a second chance, just NOT in Oakland.

Wouldn't it be just like Mike "The Rat" Shanahan to make it his life goal to put JaHumty Dumpty back together while Al Davis grinds his teeth every time he sees #2 drop back.

I am in no way a JaMarcus fan, I burnt his jersey on the fire at the Food Network shoot, but, everyone does deserve a second chance. And hey, if he doesn't work out, maybe 'The Rat" will have tied his job to that 300 pound anchor.

Believe me, he is going to a place with very little offensive talent and he may just be a tackling dummy, but if this kid can have a few years as a back-up to put things together, he can be good.