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Oakland's (basic) strategical gameplan vs. K.C.

In a pivotal year for the Raiders, the time has come to end all negative streaks and replace them with positive ones. The San Diego streak is history. The win-one-lose-one streak is history. Now the Raiders must, and will, end the Chiefs' seven-game win streak in Oakland that began in 2003 - the year the Dark Ages befell the Nation but from which the Raiders have emerged - for this year marks Oakland's Renaissance.

The teams appear to be evenly matched in their most predominant aspect - rushing. KC leads the league in rushing 190.4 yds/game and Oakland is right behind them in 2nd place, averaging 168.5/game by virtue of heroic play by Darren, Michael and Marcel.

The total Defense of each is fairly equal.  And, while KC currently has slightly better stats in rush defense the margin is close 96.4 to 127.4 AND Oakland has been narrowing that margin for the past 3 weeks.

Offensively, Oakland has the advantage in total passing yards/game averaging 197.5 to KC's 164.4.

In considering our offensive game plan for Sunday, recent history suggests that our strategy should be one that complements our powerful running attack with a roughly equal passing attack. Successful passing attacks gave the Chiefs their two losses - the victorious Colts (244 yards passing ) and triumphant Texans (305 yards passing) ... (and almost upsetting Bills, 223 yards) all passed quite well against the Chief's secondary. The failed efforts of San Diego were not due to StD's air attack - Rivers threw for for 298 yards ... but the Chokers' horrendous Specialty Teams did them in. 

Our WRs really need to step it up Sunday: Murphy,  - , Ford, Higgins and Nick Miller.  Whichever QB the coaches deem best able to get the ball out and downfield, Grad or J, you must play your best game ever. And Zach, you are essential to our success.

As for the Defensive game plan - just keep playing hot and loose, full-throttle, with maximum pressure in the backfield and attack the ball relentlessly (without over-pursuing) ... Death Ro and Ty just be patient - you are both awesome players - don't allow yourselves to be duped. Matt, Trevor and LaMarr - crash down on them like thunder and lightening. Richard, Tommy and Desmond show no mercy, give no quarter, make them and their womanly fans weep bitter tears. Stan, Chris, Jeremy rip the ball away and take it to the Black Hole. Mike and Michael leave bodies wreathing in pain wherever you tread. Warden Wimbley and San Quentin carve your names in Raider history on Sunday with your heroic deeds!

Linemen of Oakland, Veld, Gall, Samson, Coop, Langston, Daniel, Khalif, Soup, hear me! You have been playing great football for two weeks and seem to be getting better with each quater. Explode on the D-Lineman opposite you with ferociousness, terrorize him and make him wish he was a shoe salesman in some suburb of Kansas City instead of having to face you for 30 minutes of hell!

Special Teams, you are also vital to our success this week, teams have lost to these red-clad jokers for breakdowns on special teams. Now it's Oakland's turn to dominate that 1/3 of the game with play like you gave us against the Chokers at home! (A performance we'll never forget). Do even worse to these creatures! Devastate them and humiliate them.

All Right! Let's pack the stadium and watch the Fast and Fierce Raiders tear these Chief assholes to pieces!!!