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Prilosec Victory of The Week: Not The Raiders

On day two after the humbling defeat in PIttsburgh I am much less bothered by the blow-out loss and more focused on how this team will bounce back from having it's complete underbelly exposed. And yes that includes Mr. Tamata Head, Coach Cable. (Sorry, his head just looks like a big fat tamata after it's been cooked in the sun for a few hours)

Head Coach possibly being ran by the man upstairs, and forced to start Jason Campbell? Check!

Raiders now 1-9 after the Bye Week attributed to giving this team a week off and not taking two weeks to game plan for the biggest game of the year? Check!

Non-Blitzing defense? Check!

Conservative Offense? Check!

These are all things that we thought were solved before the Bye Week, so hopefully knowing that these need to be corrected and also seeing the Chargers and Chiefs win convincingly will light a fire under our boys.

In other news, some OTHER team did have a huge win, and this week there were some great choices, so vote below!