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Captain Morgan's Captain of the Tailgate: The Grill Iron Gang Menu For Tommorow

The wait is FINALLY over for us fans of the Silver and Black. The Oakland Raiders are coming home tomorrow for the first time since beating the first place Kansas City Chiefs. I know that all of you who can make it out tomorrow will be throwing down hard for your team and the Grill Iron Gang will not do Otherwise.

Throughout the years we have had some pretty serious throwdowns. We've done the turkey on the grill in oil and on a rotiserie. This year, Chewbacca, will be smoking the turkey all morning over alder chips and serving it around 11.

Of course it wouldn't be Thanksgiving in the Bay Area without some local crab on the boil and for that, my buddy "Woody", will not be disappointing. He has stacks of local crab from this year's bountiful harvest and will be preparing them in his spicy Tommy V's boil. This crab is "Off Da' Hook" - Guy Fieri

I will be bringing smoked steelhead with goat cheese, crackers and a homemade cranberry marmalade for an appetizer and some fresh spicy boneless beef ribs seasoned in a Tommy V's marinade for the main course.

I have also been told that Bob's smoked chicken and Chewy's bbq'd shrimp/bbq'd oyster combo will be grilled up while the tri-tips slow cook.

For libation purposes I will make sure that there will be plenty of Bloody Mary seasoning, just bring some V8 and vodka, I'll handle the rest.

So, that's a taste of what the "gang" is serving, feel free to bring more crab for the boil, whatever you want to eat/drink and share and an appetite for a Raider victory.

As always, if you go home hungry it's your own dang fault and if you can't afford it, just bring your appetite.

Happy Thanksgiving for the Gang!!!

Directions: From the 66th Avenue Entrance (North Entrance)

Enter 66th Entrance and head right toward the freeway (D-Lot)

Go as far as you can toward the Oracle Arena...Park

Walk to the front row closest to the Oracle Arena, Look for the Grill Iron Gang Banner and Crab Boiling