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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: This Sunday Belongs To Bruce Almighty! Or Does It?

Looks Like Gradkowski Will Start:

Well, it looks like Bruce Gradkowski did exactly what he said he'd do. He went out and prepared as the starter and it payed off.

Last night, Adam Schefter, who is nearly 98% correct when it comes to the Raiders, Tweeted that Gradkowski, according to sources within the organization, would be the starter today.

Love him, hate him or indifferent about him, Gradkowski gives this team the best chance to win. Now, if he slips and slides into an abyss, the loyal Raider faithful can all start chanting Ja-son, Ja-son in the second half!

Then again I am assuming that a team who may have played possum with the press and opposition by, perhaps, disguising the fact that Grads was the starter all along isn't floating the rumor in order to cause chaos when Jason appears with the starting team. After all it is more difficult to gameplan for two QB's than one.

If you are NOT a Raider fan, then welcome to Cloak and Dagger-Ville, otherwise known as "Inside The Oakland Raiders". If you are an Oakland fan, then, we will know, as always, when they take the field for the first time.

In other news, Nnamdi WILL play!!! Nnamdi WILL play!!!:

Say what you want about the quarterback, offensive line, pass rush or running game, there is no doubt that the anchor of this team, ahem, the anchor of this organization is #21 Nnamdi Asomugha.

With Nnamdi taking out the #1 receiver and Routt playing the second best receiver, the D-Line should be able to get to a rather gimpy Chadd Henne early and often.

Raider cornerbacks have always been the key to the pass rush and this year is NOT exception. Shutdown corners take away the wide-outs and make quarterbacks go to 3rd and 4th reads on plays that they want to go deep. This allows the big dawgs up front a second longer to get to the QB and break him.

With Nnamdi back, this team will be back.

With Bruce at the helm, this team will win. There it is, I am calling it, 34-10 Raiders!!!

I am ABSOLUTELY sure about that. MMMMM, I can't wait to get into the parking lot and enjoy a Bloody Mary. T minus 47 minutes and counting down!!!

Go Raiders!!!