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Seething Seers: Raiders-Chiefs Predictions

Gather 'round Friends and Fellow Followers! For I bring kind words from the Wise One. First an update on how I came to get them.

RaiderDamus, aka the seer of all things awesome, made a killing on the World Series and while he said he was just gambling to get enough money back to reclaim his Sibyls from from the evil clutches of DeNiro and Pesci, he rode his hot streak right through the Raiders game. 

Unlike past weeks, finding Damus was easy. He called me on my cell phone and then picked me up on his new yacht. Yup, that's right, he's on a boat, as they traded the cave for a yacht. As I boarded the yacht, I saw DeNiro, Pesci and Liotta sitting around in speedos and captain hat admiring a deck of sun bathing sibyls--the sibyls needed it too, a life spent huffing gas in a cave can leave one rather pale.

Then RaiderDamus emerged, with blood shot eyes and a white substance around his nose. "Don't worry about that," he assured me, "I am finding new ways to court the future." And a bright future it is:

This is a big week for the Raiders. Kansas City is a legit team, as much as it pains me to say, and the Raiders will have to fight hard to get the W. RaiderDamus has been deep in visions this week, but that might be from all the alcohol consumed due to the Giants winning the World Series. I am bleeding black this week, and all I have to do now is change Giants orange to Raider silver.

I seem to recall the Chiefs having drafted Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson. Whatever became of them? Apparently, Tamba Hali is KC's pass rush, which baffles me as I watched a lot of LSU games where Dorsey and Jackson were absolute monsters. How is it that they aren't relevant? Are they just miscast in KC's defense, or are they Ryan Sims-like busts? Anyway, the Chiefs' D-line isn't all that great, maybe a little better than the Seahawks', and their linebackers are so-so. The only guy on the Chiefs who scares me is Eric Berry. Eric Berry is a bad ass motherfucker. However, who knows how much he will play as a rookie. I suspect the Raiders will be able to balance the run and pass effectively enough to take advantage of the Chiefs' lack of superior personnel, just like last week. It sure was nice to see the Raiders put together two straight amazing weeks, both in play-calling and execution.

Jason Campbell will have an effective yet understated day. The Raiders will concentrate on the run, but so will the Chiefs, so I suspect play action will be a huge weapon this week for the Raiders. Campbell has 250 yards passing, 3 TDs, 1 pick.

McFadden and Bush will combine for 220 yards rushing, including one long run busted by each of them. The Raiders' dominant offensive line will dominate in dominating fashion. Chiefs fans will cry into their cereal.

The solid Raider D will have a tougher game this week, especially without Asomugha. McCluster, Jones, and Charles will all be effective. However, Matt Cassel will not. He will be sacked at least 5 times. Dwayne Bowe will catch one touchdown.

Raiders win, 36-17.

Lil' Dam, who has to earn his way, was in charge of oiling up Pesci, but he still found time to give me his prediction.

This is going to be a game dominated by the defense and the running game so management of time is very important and Cable hasn't lately been good at this aspect of the game. Nevertheless McFadden is going to break for 50+ yarder at some point in the game. The Raiders D-line will dominate on pass plays but the Quiefs line will dominate in the run game until the second half. After a gritty game I see the score at 24-17 Raiders!!!

As always, tell us what you have seen the future to hold. Put your scores in bold!