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Vick's Powering Through Series: Zach Miller Finally Sits

Every week there are multiple players in the NFL playing through serious and bothersome injuries. On a weekly basis, Oakland Raider Tight End, Zach Miller, has been one of those fighting through injury. In his three seasons he has only missed one game and this week, it looks like he will miss his second.

Miller is a hard nosed tight end who is coming into his own this season. He has 34 receptions for 461 yards and 4 TDs while playing through a painful arch injury. In a League with so many prima donas, it is refreshing to see a player who gives it all on every play, does what his coaches tell him do and plays through intense pain to lead his team to victory.

It is not OFFICIAL yet, but nobody expects Zach to play tomorrow. That is, everybody except for Zach. I would not be surprised to see him on the field for the biggest game of his young career and if he does play, know that he is putting it ALL on the line. That's an Ol' School Raider for ya!!!

Go Raiders!!!