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They See Him Rollin. They Hatin'. Patrolling They Tryin To Catch Dam Predictin' Dirty

Boom! Just did it.
Boom! Just did it.

Well, this certainly wasn't RaiderDamus closest prediction, but it was only far off by his incredibly lofty standards. In the end all that matters is he again got the correct winning team and moved his record to an impressive 7-2. Nailing the closest prediction this week is Old Raiderdude, who rolled in with an almost perfect 24-21 prediction. So, Old Raiderdude, you just won a spot on the yacht. Email sometime before the Steelers game.

The most exciting and revealing thing about the seers thread? As a blog, we proved that we are far better prognosticators than Chiefs fans. Almost every Raiders fan nailed the winning team, while almost every APer missed on their predictions. Imagine that.