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Dirty South Visions: Jaguars-Raiders Predictions

Gather 'round Friends and Fellow Followers: This update comes to the masses, delayed and disheveled. RaiderDamus is reeling. That is two straight losses for the great one. The Raiders are proving to be such a unpredictable team that even the future itself does not know what is going to happen. Or does it?

The Great One is in the midst of a conspiracy within a conspiracy within a M. Night Shamalalading-dong movie, only with better dialogue. With the merciless forces of an angry casino two-steps behind him, Damus is play faking like Jason Campbell. Still, when I conferenced with him via Skype, he was peacefully lounging at the Chasing Dragon in Bangkok. I'd divulge more of the surroundings, but what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok--unless you decide to come back stateside for the subsequent medical attention (advisable).

He claims to have ditched The Trump's Gestapo, but he still remained somber as he delivered a dark fate. Let's just hope, it is all part of the deception.

RaiderDamus is back for another round of vociferous viewing concerning the vicious victory one of these teams will achieve during the Raiders-Jaguars game. Who will it be? Let's discuss.

As has been pointed out myriad times before, the two teams are remarkably similar. We both like to run a lot, and with good reason as MJD and DMC/Bush are three of the best, most effective rushers in the league. Garrard and Campbell are two smart QBs who may not do anything spectacular but won't kill their team with bonehead moves. With teams built on rushing and defense, that is what you need from your QB: on a scale of JaMarcus Russell to Tom Brady, teams like that need a Trent Dilfer. And that's what we both have. A tall black Trent Dilfer.

The main difference between the two teams is defense. The Jaguars' defense, frankly, isn't very good. They're tied for 24th in the league in sacks, while the Raiders are tied with the Steelers for the league lead in sacks. Yes, you read that correctly. Our sorry-ass defensive unit has 36 sacks on the year, which is more than any other team save sack-artists Pittsburgh, who also have 36 sacks. I promise, I am not making this up.

The Jaguars are winning their division. As a reminder, that division also includes Indianapolis, Houston, and Tennessee. Jacksonville does not suck, as much as any of us would take a glance at them and say "meh". They are indeed pretty "meh", but they find ways to win. They have won one more game than us this year, and they have beaten the Colts before Peyton went on his Christmas Pick Six giveaway spree. Remember when the Colts used to not lose until December? Those were the days.

Anyway, on to the game itself. I think both teams will have success running the ball, but middling results throwing it. The Raiders SHOULD win, but I've seen this movie before and I don't like the ending. Jaguars win, 31-24.

However, we have hope for our playoff chances and his name is Brodie Croyle.

I've slacked on the post of Damus Jr. but I'll go back and check this week. So, let your visions roll forth.