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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The ABSOLUT Truth About The 2010 Raiders Will be Revealed Today

ONWARD and FORWARD!!!(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
ONWARD and FORWARD!!!(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There should be NO doubt in anyone's mind that a victory today will cement the fact that the Oakland Raiders are a legitimate threat in the NFL, once again.

Their Jekyl and Hyde season has seen them blow out San Diego, Denver and Seattle, but also lose to two teams that are competing for the rights to draft Andrew Luck, San Francisco and Arizona.

This will be a statement game for Oakland. They are on the road and facing a Jacksonville team that currently sits atop the AFC South at 7-5 and has won four of their last five games.

For the record, the Raiders have been blown out by the other two teams from the AFC South that they have faced. In fact, they have been blown out by a combined score of 57 points in those games, which coincidentally, were BOTH on the road.

So, another blow-out loss will let us know exactly what we have here. A team that can beat up on the AFC West and do little else. A team that can only beat the AFC West on the Road. A team that can go 6-0 in their Division and be the first team EVER to run the table in their Division and NOT win it.

A victory here will instantly put the team front and center in the playoff talk. A victory here will show that they can beat a tough non-divisional foe on the road. in fact, a win here will "ABSOLUT" ly (Hey, they are the sponsor) send Raider Nation into a justified frenzy.

This team has worked very hard in order to get here. They deserve this chance at legitimacy. Now, in a little over an hour we will all bear witness to how this 2010 story plays out. Does a win get them in? No. But, a win does put them IN the race.

Go Raiders!