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Game Thread: 12-19-10: Oakland Takes on Denver In A Fight To Keep 2010 Alive

It really does all come down to this...Again. Every week of 2010 has been a dog fight to see if Oakland can somehow keep their playoff hopes alive, so why would this week be any different?

Oakland will have to punish Tim Tebow in his first start. I am hoping that Jim Marshall, realizing that his job is on the line will "Cut it Loose" and use every package that he has in the book. He is without Rolando McClain, his play caller and Defensive Captain, so what does he have to lose? Cut it loose JIM!!!

I am on my way to the rain soaked Coliseum and as always you are welcome to stop on by the Grill Iron Gang tailgate, where, If you go home hungry, It's your own "DAMN FAULT".

Let's Go Raiders!!!! Keep us in it until the day after Christmas. That is all I want for Christmas!!!