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Sprint Game Ball Of The Week: They Call Him Sea-Bass: Sebastian Janikowski

Bare Witness Raider Nation, the "Evolution" has been televised. The "Polish Sausage" has indeed become the "Polish Cannon" and it is on display every Sunday. The San Francisco Giants have "The Machine" who provided the magic that stirred up a World Series victory and now the Oakland Raiders have "Uncle Fester" who splits the uprights and makes footballs explode off of receivers chests when called upon to punt.

That's right, how else do you think that a back-up punter can switch the momentum of a must win Divisional game that was slipping away? It was uncle Fester's exploding powder activated at just the right time that forced Syd'Quan Thompson to drop the ball and let the Raiders recover.

If you don't believe me, just Look at what Sea-Bass can do with a light bulb!

In all seriousness, Sebastian Jnikowski has been a completely different kicker since he missed the game winner against Arizona. To his own admission he wasn't coming in on Mondays and he saw some things when he went back and actually watched tape. Like many of the Raiders that Al Davis selected, the only thing getting between him and being great was his work ethic and concentration...Tommy Kelly...Cough..Cough (That wasn't sarcasm, I actually do have a cold)

My seats are directly behind the Black Hole in the second deck, so I see the field goal kicks perfectly and Sebastian has such control that he can literally split the uprights when he is on. That was the case on Sunday.

He single footed-ly tied the game going into the half. With his team down by 3 and little time left on the clock he, Uncle Fester, sent a spinning punt down the field that was dropped and recovered by the Raiders. He then followed that up with a 49 yard field goal to tie the game before the half. The kick was perfect and would have been good from 70 yards out. This series of events were crucial to get some momentum going before the half, but, it was in the second half that Sebastian truly won Player of the Game. 

His first attempt of the 2nd Half gave the Raiders the lead at 20-17, which soon evaporated as Denver licked one of thier own to tie it at 20-20 with 5:03 left in the 3rd Quarter.

Jano answered back with a 47 yarder to take the lead for good. At this point, Sebastian had tallied 11 of Oakland's 23 points.

A miss at any point would have swung the momentum back to Tebow and the Broncos, fortunately, The Polish Cannon prevailed and the Raiders rolled from there on out.

Good job Sea-Bass, this ball's for you!!!