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The Open Oracle

Friends, Fellow Followers: On the heels of another insanely close prediction, he was off by six total points, The Great One has given us coal in our stockings. 

I have a bad feeling about this.

Could the schedule makers have given us a less palatable Week 16 matchup? A Colts team playing for their playoff lives? This is going to be an utter disaster. Now, I know I said that before the Chargers game, and we killed them. But that was Phyllis and this is Peyton Manning. Austin Collie is on IR and that's great but they beat the Jags mostly without him after a vicious hit. They still have Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne. Of the two, I am more scared of Garcon because Routt will be covering him and that usually means over 100 yds and two scores. Bah humbug.

If the Raiders employ a similar gameplan to the one shown during the Chargers game, we have a chance. A small one, but a chance nonetheless. We can run on the Colts, no question. But Donald Brown is in high gear now, and they can run too. The only way the Raiders win is to play a ball-control, grinding offensive scheme where we run, run, run, play action to Zach Miller, touchdown. It can be done. However, it won't.

Peyton Manning is a golden god, please remember this. He does not lose games he should win very often. This is a game he should win. The Colts haven't looked like the Colts this year. Unfortunately, this will be the game in which they will return to form.

Colts win, 45-16. Next year will be better for the Raiders.