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Game Thread: 12-26-2010: Welcome To The Black Hole Mr. Peyton

No matter what happens in the early game today, this game DOES matter. A victory over Peyton Manning and the Colts would be a serious shot to their Playoff hopes and would cement the 2010 Season as the year that the Oakland Raiders became relevant again.

I did a preview with Coltzilla from Yargbarker:

RM: If Rolando McClain and Nnamdi Asomugha play, then I expect the Raiders to win by 4. If they don’t I think that the Colts will win by 10. Defense will be the key to this game. If the Raiders can stop Manning they will win. If Manning goes off, then I just don’t believe that the Raiders have the scoring power to keep up.

I would also look out for Jacoby Ford. He has pretty good hands for a speed burner and is a threat to score any time he touches the ball. Don’t be surprised to see him used on a lot of end arounds and deep play action passes.

With Nnamdi feeling the best he has since Halloween and Rolando McClain set to run the defense, I have to believe that the Raider will win today.

One thing that does concern me a bit is that Richard Seymour may not play, but, if McClain keeps doing his thing, this team will win.

As usual the Grill Iron Gang will be grilling and you are welcome to stop on my.

Cheers and GO RAIDERS!!!