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The Please Play Better Guesser Predict-A-Score: Chargers vs Raiders

Friends...fellow followers: Gather 'round so I do not have to shout these dark words. So, funny thing happened the night before Thanksgiving. RaiderDamus, Tiger Woods and Charlie Sheen were kicking it in Atlantic City at a Casino I won't name, but I will lend a hint--the owner's name rhymes with Donald Trump. Anyway, 8 naked women three donkeys, two parakeets and one wild-eyed Charlie Sheen burst from a room and straight into the casino.

RaiderDamus stayed behind in the room laughing while thinking it was even funnier in reality and Tiger Woods was just shaking his head and muttering, "I hate this time of year. She was just about to hit me with this golf club, 'til Sheen chased her off. Oh well, Tiger sleepy." Anyway, the fracas caused Sheen and friends to get tossed out.

The Great One was appalled. While getting thrown out, he went into a tirade and proclaimed that they shouldn't piss off an Oracle, who also happens to be a degenerate gambler. The Casino's began following him immediately. Of course, Damus knew this. Hence the misdirection on last week's failed prediction. He knew they were listening and watching. Armed with misinformation, the Casino took a bath last week.

Needless to say, Damus is in need of keeping a low profile again. The owner of the casino, who looks a lot like that guy that fires people on that apprentice show, does not like to lose money and he doesn't like to feel he was cheated by gamblers. As always, I expect Damus to stay one step ahead of his rivals. I received this prediction in my alphabet soup. Let's hope it is another misdirection.

RaiderDamus here with another round of predictions. Last week's debacle was predicated on the notions that 1) Chad Henne would not play and 2) Bruce Gradkowski would be at the least reasonably okay. Obviously, neither of those took place. Chad Henne is a beast, and Gradkowski was as bad as Jamarcus had ever been. It was dreadful. I was never in favor of Campbell being benched. I thought it was a stupid, reactionary move by Cable. Anyway, on to this week.

We are going into the Chargers' house when they're on an absolute tear. They haven't lost in like a month and they're coming off a complete dismantling of the Colts. The Raiders, on the other hand, have found themselves unable to 1) run, 2) pass, and 3) score points. This will be an absolute woodshed beatdown. Tolbert will probably run for about 160 yards, and Rivers may flirt with 400. Quentiin Jammer will have at least 1 pick and Shaun Phillips will have at least 2 sacks.

Chargers win, 45-13. They will win the division.