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Oh You Raiders!

Oh you Raiders,

You've done it again,

There is a voice alive in Oakland,

That says you will win!


It is not the lone voice of Al,

Who's passion blinds him at times,

It the collective voice of ALL,

I'm even writing stupid rhymes.


Have the Oakland Raiders done it? Have they drawn you back in? That is a real question.

I mean, we have been dumped on by a HUGE wave of everything putrid in the NFL from the moment the last second ticked off the clock in San Diego 8 years ago.

Things got so bad that the Raiders, for the second time in their history, had to build from the ground up. Are you buying what they are selling?

Are you "In" with Cable? Are you still "In" with Captain Tom if Mate Hue leaves for another ship?

Is the defense headed in the right direction and if so, is John Marshall the answer or does Waufle step up?

Has McFadden electrified you? Do you believe in Jason Campbell? Is Jacoby Ford the second coming of Steve Smith or the first edition of Jacoby Ford?

Has Rolando McClain been the missing leader on defense? Is Houson-Kelly-Seymour-Shaughnessy front four making you stand up and yell, "Sack!" or "Stuffed"? Was Seymour's slap of "Ratlisburger" a rallying cry?

Does 6-0 in the Division mean something to you?

I wanna know Raider Nation. Are you back "In"?