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Oakland Raiders 2011 Draft: Wisniewski, Stanzi and Moch

Now, there are three names that i haven't thought much about, YET, I am sure that these names will be coming up over the next few months quite a bit.

Stefen Wisniewski is the son of former Raider O-Line Great and team Captain, Steve Wisniewski, which probably means that like Chris Long, son of Howie, we will see him taken above our selection, but, I can dream right?

Wisniewski is the type of player that teams like New England, Green Bay and Indy collect like prizes and they end up playing for 10 years and solidify the way that those teams play the game. Although, according to the online scouting reports, he lacks the explosive punch that we all hear Mike Mayock speak of so often, he is the perfect fit for the zone blocking scheme.

Stefen is quick for a Center and has a deep knowledge of his responsibilities in his assignments. He could be snapping the ball on every offensive play for the next 10 years. I know that adding "Mini-Wiz" to the fold would also excite the fanbase.


Ricky Stanzi is a winner, plain and simple. He isn't Andrew Luck, by any stretch of the imagination, but I have always been impressed with Ricky and I think that he would be a steal in the 4th Round, but they may need to take him in the t3rd if they want him.

Stanzi is quick on his feet and is a leader on the field. He has played through pain, which has effected his numbers, but he seems to always have his team overachieving and I think that he has the brain to play QB in the NFL.


This brings us to my find of the day. I know that many of you have seen this guys fly up draft boards and some of you have seen him play. I am telling you that this guy is absolutely NO JOKE and his name is Dontay Moch.

Dontay brings a special combination of speed, finesse and power to the defensive side of the ball. He only weighs 242 pounds but he can toss aside 300 pound linemen and wreak havic in the offensive backfield with his 4.38 speed. 

Watch this video: Video

Now, tell me if you don't think that he would be the perfect compliment to McClain and Wimbley? Can you say weakside blitz?

If you want to see Moch live, he will be playing in the Kraft Fighting Hunger Bowl in SF on the 9th of January as the 12th seeded Nevada-Reno team takes on Boston College.


I'm not sure what got me off on this tangent this morning, I think it was the fact that I want to be optimistic about the future and seeing the names that could join this team in the off-season makes me smile a bit.