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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Super Bowl Is Being Played Eary This Year

At 5-6, the Oakland Raider Season is teetering on the ropes like an old boxer that is past his prime and is poised to be passed in his weight class. While once the leaders of the AFC West, it was only two weeks ago, the Raiders are now fighting for their 2010 Playoff lives.

There may not be a heartbeat, but, there is a pulse.

The Oakland Raiders are invading San Diego today and the Chargers just happen to be the best at moving the ball AND stopping the ball in the NFL. That sounds a lot like the Raiders of 5 weeks ago, so, let's hope that we get the good Raiders and NOT the bad Raiders today.

I need some help Nation. My faith is wavering. After seeing the absolute abomination in Pittsburgh and the "Lost" game against the Dolphins, all I can think about is the fact that Cable, "The Dunderhead", has built a losing team that thought they were Kings of the World when they were 5-4 and leading the AFC West. I need for this team to show me that they still the team that we all had faith in.

My Three Keys To The Game:

1) McFadden has GOT to get off. The key to our offense in 2010 is Darren Mcfadden. It isn't Jason Campbell,Jjacoby Ford or Zach Miller, it is the young runner out of Arkansas FINALLY looking like a game changer.

In the last two games COMBINED Darren McFadden has only run for 16 yards. 16 YARDS!!!

2) Jacoby Ford needs to play some DB. He is the best on the team at snaring passes from the air and taking them away from the opposition. This team has a total of SIX (31st in the NFL) interceptions on defense while Jacoby has two on offense, by himself. The Raiders need to force three turnovers today in order to have any chance at winning.

3) Jason Campbell needs to show that he owns this team. Putting Gradkowski on IR has eliminated all QB controversy and it is time for JC to take the reigns and lead this team to victory.

That is all I have for now. Go RAIDERS!!!