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Oakland Raider Playoff Hopes: The Final Ingredient on Offense

Raider Nation, it appears that Jason Campbell has put most of this offensive game plan together. He made great decisions against San Diego. He ran when he should have, dumped off when he should have and even threw a few balls away instead of taking a sack.

With the rushing game plan finally being able to be executed and McFadden, Bush and Reece pounding away at the D-Line, forcing the defense to play eight in the box, the deep pass has been open at least 3-5 times a game.

Last week in particular, Jacoby Ford, was wide open and Campbell missed him by 10 yards when all it took was a deep lob to the middle of the field for six points. It looks like Campbell is still not comfortable with the speed at the wide receiver position.

This goes back to every time that Campbell and his wide-outs have said that they need consistency in order to develop timing with the quarterbacks.

Believe you me, if Campbell and his receivers can get their timing down for this game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and for the rest of the season, for that matter, the offense will put them in position to win out.

It will, once again, be beat them up then kill them deep Oakland Raider football!!!