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For Oakland and Jacksonville The Playoffs Begin On Sunday:

There is no getting around the fact that the loser of Sunday's football game will have a difficult time making the playoffs.

Jacksonville has the Indianapolis Colts breathing down their necks and the Raiders cannot afford to fall a game behind the Chargers or three games behind the Chiefs.

I fully expect both squads to bring the intensity to a MUCH higher level on Sunday.

If you haven't read Noontide's impressive breakdown, HERE IT IS. He covers the X's and O's very well, so I want to break down what happens to the winner and loser of this game.

First off, something good will definitely happen in San Diego on Sunday. Either the AFC West leading Kansas City Chiefs will lose or San Diego will be all but eliminated from contention. These are both great for Oakland, IF, they win.

If Oakland wins, they would be either one game behind the Chiefs, back in control of their own destiny, or they would be distanced from San Diego, the favorite, still, to win the Division, imo.

If Oakland loses, they will be either three games behind the Chiefs with three to play, or one game behind San Diego, who has the easiest final three games on the schedule.

As far as Jacksonville goes, if they win, they are guaranteed to maintain their precarious one game lead over Indy as they head into Colt territory next Sunday. If they lose and Indy wins, they will head into Indy in a flatfooted tie with the Colts and will be looking at being down one with two to play.

There is so much to play for this Sunday that the combos of outcomes just keep on multiplying. I am about to pull my hair out, but, before I do, I think you get my point. The playoffs start on Sunday and it means as much to one team as the other.