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Sprint Game Ball: Raiders Over the Chargers

Every other week Sprint sponsors a post that awards a game ball to a member of each team. This week, I am at a standstill. There were many players and one coach in particular that i feel deserve A game ball, but, I cannot determine who gets THE Game Ball.

So, here are my choices:

Jason Campbell - Jason ran the offense to near perfection. He ran for a touchdown on 4th down and also threw a sweet pass to Jacoby Ford for a score. His only flaw was missing a wide open Ford on a deep pass that would have been an easy six.

Darren McFadden - Darren put to rest all of the talk about him not being a between the tackles runner as he ran up the middle through the right side and took a pitch to paydirt while flattening a Charger safety on the way.

Michael Bush - Bush's day was highlighted by one of the meanest power runs you will see all year. He ran through 4 or 5 Chargers on his way into the end zone and finished an eyelash short of 100 yards.

Rolando McClain - Playing through foot/ankle pain, Rolando had his best game as a Raider. He led the team with 7 tackles, including one that knocked, perennial pain in the posterior, Darren Sproles, out of the game.

LaMarr Houston - Houston, we have lift off!!! LaMarr was as dominant as I have seen him. He was constantly beating his man, sometimes through a double team and then completely dismantled his man and got to Rivers for a key momentum breaking sack in the 2nd Half.

Hue Jackson - Hue was firing on all cylinders last week. I especially love the QB roll-out/sneak on 4th down that scored a TD and the fake hand-off to Bush that went for a deep bomb to Murphy down field to set up the McFadden TD. He also stuck with the run and pounded the ball down SD's combined throat.

Vote below and let me know, who get's this week's Sprint Game Ball?