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A Couple Community Reminders

Gonna keep the intro short so not to take up space. Just posting a few rule reminders that I felt needed restated.

Read on please

1. The difference between fanshot and fanpost-

A fanshot is something like a link to an article, a video, a photo, or something you're interested in and want to share with the community here at S&BP. Things like these are to be kept in the fanshots section unless they're part of some piece like an article or musing.

Articles and musings are where fanposts are to be kept and just that. Things like images, videos, and links are to be kept in fanshots only unless they're just part of a writing piece. Please adhere to this as we'd like to keep the fanpost for articles and other such things and relatively unflooded of what should be fanshots.

2. No racism-

In no shape or form will racism be tolerated. The post or comment will be deleted and you will find yourself warned or banned. That's absolutely unacceptable.

3. No personal attacks or bashing-

Disagreements are fine and in fact encouraged. This is a site for sports debate and team support. I understand things can get very heated. However, personal insults are unacceptable. Not only does it make you seem weaker in your argument, it is not welcome on this site and you will be warned or banned and your post deleted.

Comments like "you're retarded" are incredibly rude. We want a calm friendly environment where readers and posters alike can feel free to visit and post without any hassle or insults. We want this to be a site people can go and tell their friends about, not one where they tell their friends to stay away.

4. Type coherently-

Posts SUCH as how i am typing RIGHT NOW!!!!! Are hard to READ and follow.

Typos and technical difficulties are excusable and understandable. We all have days where we can't type straight or our computer or mobile device just isn't cooperating with us. Just don't make it a permanent thing or it comes off as spam.

5. Don't troll-

Don't come here just to flood the fanposts with spam, insult and abuse users, or be an overall annoyance. If the community complains enough about you or one of the mods or Saint feel it necessary to, you will be banned.

6. Profanity-

I get it most of the people posting here are adults and of course profanity wil be thrown around. I only ask it be light in frequency of use and in terms of word choice. A couple d words here and there is perfectly fine, but multiple and frequent F bombs is intolerable. You may be warned or banned for excessive profanity.

However, game threads and specified Rant posts are the perfect place to unload those frustrations. In those specified areas, by all means in those areas you may let loose. However, the rules of trolling, racism, and personal attacks are still in effect and the punishments for those still applicable.

7. Flagging-

Flagging a post or comment is what you, the community, can do to make the jobs of Raymond, BA, noontide, Rated R, LiveAdam, RaiderWay, and Sons of Blanda, and myself a whole lot easier. If you think someone is violating site rules, please click the actions button at the bottom of a comment and click flag (flag button should already be at the bottom of a fanpost or fanshot).

From here you can tell us what that user has done to violate site rules or what they have done to offend you. One of us will review the flagging and make a decision as to what course of action to take. No one on the site will know if you have flagged anything except for the moderators. We won't release info of you flagging, this is anonymous. We will get back to you on what our course of action is via email.

If you don't wish to do it that way, just send one of us an email and we will get to it ASAP. I strongly urge the community to flag anything they find troubling or in violation of site rules. You do have a say here, and you can make a difference. We want to make S&BP fun and enjoyable for you in any way possible so please feel free to speak up.

Thank you for reading, and please, have fun here at S&BP, the site made for, of, and by Raider Nation.