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Antonio Pierce Cut loose By The Giants: If Healthy, He'd Be a Great Raider

Source: ESPN

Pierce had 55 tackles, one sack and one forced fumble in nine games last season. He led the Giants in tackles the previous three seasons and missed only four regular-season games since leaving the Washington Redskins to join the Giants.

Antonio Pierce was a huge part of their Super Bowl run three seasons ago and could be the middle linebacker that we've been looking for.

I'd still love to see Rolando McCalin in Silver and Black, BUT, adding Pierce would allow us to draft Brian Bulaga in the First Round and a DT or CB in the 2nd.

Let the rumor mill begin!!!


Raider fans react:

Remix - "He’s probably my least favorite LB in the league. I would waaaaaay rather take our chances at waiting for Rolando than sign Antonio. And, didn't he talk smack on Oakland earlier this year?"

Rated-R Superstar - Pierce said playing the Raiders was like a scrimmage. I highly doubt he’s coming here.