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Open Thread: Meditation On Raider Nation

Yesterday, I was thinking about how different it will be to write under my birth name, Raymond St. Martin, instead of my nickname, "Saint". I wondered if I would write differently because "Saint" is the crazy partying drummer from the Oakland parking lot who is greeted with tequila and other party treats whenever he/I enter the crowd. Raymond St. Martin is a father of four who is working hard in corporate America to provide for his family and runs three small businesses on the side.

Then I started thinking about how I, Raymond St. Martin, feel about the State of Raider Nation. And I have to say that without the rose colored glasses that Saint sees through, I'm pretty pissed off.

The more I meditate on it, the more upset I get. Just this year alone, Al Davis' insistence on starting JaMarcus Russell cost me $315 when I had to buy a size 58 Patrick Willis jersey for a Niner fan friend of mine because the Niners had a better record than the Raiders for the 4th straight season. All toll, I have paid said friend, "Big Jim", $465 in the past 4 seasons. I just want to win once and I'd feel much better. Raymond St. Martin has to take crap every single Christmas and every other time I see my Niner fan friends because of the terrible decisions that have taken place within this organization. I mean, I'd like to win a Lester Hayes Throwback this year, but, IF JaMarcus Russell is given another season, I will be shelling out $315 again next season.

That is my thought for the day. If you peel away your persona, the character that you are within the Raider Nation, how do YOU feel about the performance and direction of this franchise for the past 7 seasons?

The duallity that is created within the creation of a Blogger persona fascinates me, and I have found this to be an interesting reflection.

Cheers and GO RAIDERS!!!