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Silver and Black Pride: 2010 NFL Draft Day Party: Ideas

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, I figure that this year I will get together a definite plan. As some of you will recall, last year I assumed that we would just all go to Ricky's, only to find out that they get rented out for a private event every year, so at the last minute I called the Warehouse and he moved it there.

I had a great time with those of you who made it and will never forget the feeling of tequila warming my body while my heart was sinking as the name, Darius Heyward Bey, was read aloud. I will also never forget you guys for trying to comfort me.

According to wikipedia, the NFL Draft wil have a new format this year:

On July 23, 2009, the NFL announced that the 2010 Draft would adopt a three-day format, with the first three rounds held during prime time. The first round will be held on Thursday, April 22; the second and third rounds will take place on Friday, April 23; and the last four rounds are scheduled for Saturday, April 24


So, here are some ideas, off of the top of my head:

I think that it should be a 3 day affair.

Thursday Night: 1st Round Cocktail Party in San Francisco at The AT&T Park Sports Bar with Fooch and Niners Nation.

Friday: La Estrellita/Warehouse/Pacific Coast Brewery

Saturday: BBQ @ my house/local park, Pacific Coast Brewery or Luka's in Oakland.

SBN is setting up a T-Shirt store where we can design our own shirts, buy and sell them. I want to take advantage of this for the Draft.

We can make shirts for each person we want to draft in the first round. Plug the Middle DRAFT McClainl!!! Dam the Line DRAFT Campbell!!! Stuff like that.

I also want to see if we can get any former or current players/members of the organization to attend. I like the idea of moving it around so that we can experience different places and also develop relations for future events.

Next year I want to get a traveling road circus together for away games. Thoughts?