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Former Oakland Raider Tim Brown Is Denied First Ballot Hall of Fame Status:

Wow!!! No Tim Brown...No Shannon Sharpe...No Chris Carter...No Richard Dent...No Charles Hailey!!!

John Randle, Ricky Jackson, Russ Grimm, Emmit Smith and Jerry Rice are  the 2010 Hall of Fame Class.

As a Raider fan, I am most saddened by the omission of Tim Brown. "Touch Down Timmy" was one of the best football players of All-Time!!! He was not only one of the best receivers, but one of the best punt returners as well. Can you imagine what his numbers would have been if he had Montana and Steve Young throwing him the ball instead of Hilger, Hostetler and Marinovich?

I have NOTHING against Randle, Grimm or Jackson, BUT, how is it that Tim Brown did not even crack the Top 10?

I applaud Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, as well as the rest of the class, but Tim Brown deserved recognition for his A-Mazing career and he deserved to be the 3rd best entry, in my opinion.

Actually, Shannon Sharpe deserved it as well. Oh well, next year we will need to make a BIG push for Tim Brown.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that the selection committee (whoever they are) wanted the focus to be on Jerry Rice "The Niner" and NOT Jerry Rice the Raider. Had Timmy made it in, then there would have been some Rice on the Raiders talk.