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Jerry Rice Is A 2010 Hall Of Famer: He Has Also Not Mentioned One Raider:

In a tearful moment of humility and humanity Jerry Rice took his place among the legends of the NFL as he reacted to the news that he would be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.. He spoke of the many men who helped him get there with one glaring omission. He did not mention one Raider player, coach, organizational member or the Raider Nation.

Jerry Rice was a Hall of Famer with the 49ers long before he came to Oakland, but he was supported by our fanbase and was a large part of our teams that went to two AFC Championship Games and a Super Bowl, yet he did not mention Rich Gannon when he spoke of the great quarterbacks that he played with, nor did he mention Al Davis when he spoke of the great owners he played for, then to top it all off he left Gruden out of his Best Coaches statement.

I will never expect Jerry to speak of the Raiders as ofetn or AS glowingly as he does the Niners, BUT, I have a JR #80 Silver and Black jersey that I bought in 2001 and I would like him to at least mention us because his time with the Oakland Raiders did matter.

What do you all think?