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The Power Of Sports Blog Nation at the Super Bowl:

Sports Blog Nation, the Mothership of Silver and Black Pride, has made incredible strides with the NFL and has gained acceptance from the top as being an actual news outlet, from a fan's perspective.

In an effort to get our communities more interlinked we are trying a blogging experiment. SBN has created a site for sports in general and has an open Super Bowl Thread for fans of any team to come together and share their ideas. This is a SBN First and I encourage all of you to check it out.

HERE is the Open Thread

Of Course we also have Rated R's outstanding write-up for our own Open Thread, so do not ignore that!!! Good job rated R, it is a great read!

Here is a break-down of what happened over Super Bowl Week: There is NO coverage like this anywhere on the web.

(From Trei Brundrett)

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY EVERYONE! I hope you followed Jon's advice and
got started on your guacamole early:

1) SB Nation Colts blogger, BigBlueShoe from Stampede Blue, was
credentialed by the NFL and has been on the ground in Miami for the
media days providing incredible coverage and interviews from a Colts
fan perspective. He has setup a special section on his blog that
gathers all his reports together:

2) SB Nation Saints blogger, Saintsational at Canal Street Chronicles,
was also credentialed by the NFL and just landed in Miami to cover the
Super Bowl for the Who Dat Nation. Check out his coverage:

3) For you stat heads, mgrex03 on Stampede Blue has a stats preview


4) BigBlueShoe got a really interesting interview with Peter King
including some back + forth about sports blogs:

Part I:
Part II:

5) We also have Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride credentialed at the
Super Bowl and covering it for He has been updating an
epic Super Bowl StoryStream from the ground + Dave Halprin has been
adding the best content from around network. This is an excellent
single big PREVIEW link that pulls everything together:

8) As an experiment as a big central community gathering
spot, they will be opening a big SUPER BOWL OPEN THREAD for all SB
Nation communities to participate in together. I don't have a link
yet, but remember that it's one click for your community to join and start commenting. It will be a fun place for them to
follow and join the chatter during the game. I don't have the link
yet, but watch and I'll post it here as well.

9) Here is the basic SB Nation event page for the Super Bowl that
automatically pulls together all posts that are tagged with the Super
Bowl event:

10) If you have interesting, unique Super Bowl related posts that
you're making, why not drop those links into this thread.

Now it's me again,

So, you can see that SBN is growing by leaps and bounds and soon we will be the new media, but from a fan's perspective. I mean, who wants to sit next to Art Spander and Nancy Gay all game, when you can be drinking beer in the stands and posting from your PDA of choice and be as loud as you want!?!?!?

Cheers and MANY Beers on this Super Sunday,


P.S. Do NOT drink and Drive!!!